Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Hacos team at Interpack 2017

We thank all visitors to our booth at INTERPACK 2017.


Thursday, 17 November 2016

The IBIE 2016 in Las Vegas and PACKEXPO in Chicago kicked off a close cooperation between Savage Bros and Hacos.  From now on, Savage Bros will serve USA clients with Hacos tempering machines, moulding lines and depositing systems.

IBIE 2016

The Hacos and Savage Bros team thanks alls visitors to IBIE and PACKEXPO in Chicago and will be please to answer any questions.

Magnificent Moulding

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Hacos Magnificent Moulding

Are you a chocolatier and looking for a
moulding machine that meets YOUR needs?
At HACOS you will definitely find what you are looking for!
From semi-automatic machines to fully automatic lines:
our machines are growing with your company.


Hacos at Prosweets 2016

Thursday, 7 January 2016

Hacos invites all to see our chocolate machines at PROSWEETS 2016 in Cologne, Germany from January 31st,  2016 up to February 3rd, 2016.

Hall: 10.1
Booth: D 071

  Hacos at Prosweets 2015

We will exhibit the latest versions of our:

HML 480 S semi-automatic moulding line: HML 480 S chocolate moulding line
 SAMM Fill depositor for drops:  SAMM Fill chocolate depositor
 MDECO Decorating depositor:  MDECO Decorating depositor
 MINOS 3D one shot depositro with decorating capabilities:  MINOS 3D One shot depositor
 CYCLOP tempering machines  CYCLOP tempering machine

New MDECO Chocolate decorating machine

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

The MDECO is a piston depositor especially designed for decorating purposes with chocolate.

This advanced 3D machine uses a lightweight depositing system for making chocolate decorations either in moulds as on top of chocolate products.  Because of its compact size, it is extremely easy to integrate it in existing molding lines.

The Siemens Industrial PC touch screen interface uses the newest version of  Hacos CHOCOCAD.  This software does not require any programming skills and makes creating new designs easy and quick. The MDECO will reproduce your new designs thousands of times, exactly as you want it and much faster than you could do it by hand.

3D chocolate decorating machine chocolate decoration


New Artisan Quick melter

Thursday, 16 April 2015

This quick melter is especially interesting when small amounts of melted chocolate are needed, or when frequently different kinds of chocolate are needed.
The hopper is equipped with 10 water heated tubes. The temperature of the hopper and the temperature of the tank can be regulated seperately on the digital thermostat.
The hopper can hold 5 chocolate blocks of 5kg can be filled up with drops.
This way, you can melt up to 50 kg/h.
Since the machine can be opened up completely, you can easily clean it and use for different kinds, colours or flavours of chocolate.
And all this at a very attractieve price.


New MODIMM COMPACT Moulding line

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

New for 2014 is the MODIMM Compact line.  This line uses vertical cooling towers and is set-up in one straight line.  This means that all parts of the line can be easily reached and that extensions to the line can be made easily by inserting new section to it.  The loose mould chain transport system can work with most standard mould sizes, keeping the mould budget down and flexibility up.  The line reaches an output of 15 to 30 moulds per minute  or an output of 500 - 1000 kg/h of chocolates on a footprint as small as just 20 meter.

The line uses the latest servo technology for transport systems, de-moulding and depositors with energy recuperation systems. The new generation cooling tunnels are equipped with new and improved ventilation system.
Depositing options consist of plain chocolate depositors, pistons depositors, inclusion depositors and one shot depositors.
Further options are inclusion mixers, granulate depositors and nut depositors.
This all adds up to a cost effective, space saving and very flexible moulding line.
As always, Hacos can also offer its tanks and tempering machines to create a turn-key project.



New HML 480 S mini-moulding line

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

The HML 480 S is a semi-automatic mini moulding line with a very small footprint of +/- 3 m². It provides the natural upgrade from hand moulding, reducing staff requirements, improving productivity and providing consistent high output.

What the HML 480 S mini moulding line does for you:


  • Mould transport with variable speed up to 8 moulds/minute
  • Overflowing or dosing with or without automatic tempering
  • Scraping the top of the mould for clean operation
  • Scraping all sides of the mould
  • Vibrating to remove air bubbles from the chocolate
  • Turning the mould upside down
  • Shaking with variable speed to regulate the thickness of the shell
  • Pumping the chocolate back to the filler
  • Resting and scraping when the moulds are turned upside down so that you can take the moulds off the line without dripping
  • Machines is on wheels for easy cleaning of the workspace

New CRYSTAL tempering machines

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Hacos is proud to introduce a completely redesigned and engineered continuous tempering Machine.

Among the many improvements are:

  • Completely modular design
  • New Siemens S7 PLC system
  • Improved energy consumption
  • Individual heating and cooling system for each temperature zone
  • Newly designed sealing system
  • The CRYSTAL temperer is available from 250 up to 2000 kg/h
  • Hacos also offers double and triple versions, which can temper two or three types of chocolate simultaneously.
  • Special versions for truffle mass or high viscous masses are also available.

New MINOS 3D one shot depositor at Prosweets

Wednesday, 23 January 2013


At Prosweets 2013 Hacos will introduce its newest version of their popular MINOS-9 piston depositor: the MINOS 3D

MINOS 3D is an upgrade from the MINOS 2D, that was already equipped with a programmable belt for 2D effects, which was particularly interesting for clients that wanted to make pipe long products or that wanted to make long one shot deposits.
The 3D feature will add an extra dimension to the belt of the depositor, so that it will get a 2-axis movement.  This will make the depositor suitable for decorating purposes with chocolate.
The touch screen interface will get a new version of the Hacos Chococad software, which will enable to make designs in a very easy way, using the depositor screen or even an external PC.
Since this 3D movement will be made possible thanks to a moving belt, the rest of the depositor stays as it is.  This will result in a very competitive price and enable to retrofit the system to existing MINOS depositors.