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Hacos is one of the leading manufacturers of professional chocolate machines worldwide. We handle the entire production process, from A to Z. Our engineers start with a detailed 3D design of the machine. The manufacturing department is equipped with modern CNC milling, turning, cutting, bending and welding equipment. This professional equipment results in durable, high-quality parts. Hacos’ specialised technicians then put everything together to construct a great machine. After careful testing, our chocolate machines are delivered to their destinations all around the world.

"Delivering an outstanding professional service is a top priority at Hacos."

A professional service, wherever you are

You can always be sure of an outstanding professional service. Wherever you are located, Hacos’ experienced technicians are on hand to provide assistance whenever you need it, both online from a remote location and on site. Thanks to our exceptional expert knowledge and many years of experience, we can ensure your chocolate machine runs perfectly. High yield guaranteed.

Flexibility is in our DNA

At Hacos, we understand that sometimes you have to start small. That’s why our chocolate machines grow with your business. If you need a larger machine, automation, additional parts etc., we will ensure that you are always one step ahead of your company's growth.

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