ARTINOS one shot chocolate depositor

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Servo driven one shot chocolate depositor: ARTINOS

Available in two sizes:

  • SMALL: 3 - 5 nozzles
  • LARGE: 6 - 8 nozzles

Can deposit into moulds or onto plates.
Easy to use touch screen panel. 

Our advise

Smart and easy to use one shot depositor for artisan chocolatiers.


Capacity 10 - 20 deposits per minute
Contence 4,7 - 6,7 kg hopper
Floor space 1 m²
Electrical connection Touch screen PLC
On wheels Yes
Electrical connection Monophase 50/60 Hz
Compressed air No
Suitable for:

One shot depositing - Moulded tablets - Moulded pralines - Truffle balls

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