CYCLOP automatic continuous chocolate tempering machine

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Automatic continuous chocolate tempering machine: CYCLOP tempering

The CYCLOP tempering machines are fully automatic chocolate tempering machines, which are standard equipped with a vibrating table for moulding.
Available models: 60 and 80 kg
They can be used in the HML 240 and HML 480 automatic moulding lines.
With an easily retractable tempering column for easy cleaning.

Our advise
Very powerful and easy to use automatic chocolate tempering machine, for artisan chocolatiers.


Capacity 45 - 100 kg/h
Contence 60 and 80 kg tank
Floor space 0,5 to 1 m²
Command panel Touch screen PLC
On wheels Yes
Electrical connection 3-phase + N + E
Compressed air No
Suitable for:

Self tempering machines - Moulded tablets - Moulded pralines - Cups

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