CYCLOP P Tempering feeder - chocolate tempering machine

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Chocolate tempering machine: CYCLOP P tempering feeder

The CYCLOP 60 P & 80 P are special versions of the automatic tempering CYCLOP. They are pre-equipped to be connected to a level sensor and to steer the feeding pump. This way you can feed depositors or decorators with well tempered chocolate.

  • Chocolate circulation pump
  • Heated tubes
  • Available with level sensor and 3-way valve to be installed in the hopper of your depositor 
  • Can be fitted to other brand depositors or decorators

Our advice

Cost effective automatic chocolate tempering machine to feed your depositor or decorator.


Capacity 45 - 100 kg/h
Contence 60 and 80 kg
Floor space 0,5 to 1 m²
Command panel Touch screen PLC
On wheels Yes
Electrical connection 3-phase + N + E
Compressed air Yes
Suitable for:

Self tempering machines - Continuous tempering - Line decorator - Automatic decorators

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