HE compact chocolate enrobing machine

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Chocolate enrobing machine: HE compact enrober

The HE series enrobers offer an affordable and reliable solution for chocolatiers that need to enrobe medium quantities of pralines or baked goods.
The enrober can be linked to an exit belt or to a cooling tunnel.
The versions with a wheel are extremely easy to clean.
All parameters can be set on the touch screen control panel.
These enrobers are suitable for compound chocolate or can be fed with real chocolate.

Our advice

Cost effective enrober for medium productions.


Capacity 100 kg/h
Contence 60 kg
Size 320 mm or 450 mm working width
Floor space 1,5 m²
Command panel Touch screen PLC
On wheels Yes
Electrical connection Monophase
Compressed air No
Suitable for:

Enrobing - Enrobed pralines - Biscuits and wafers - Donuts and waffles

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