MDB Single row chocolate depositor

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Single row piston chocolate depositor for operation on transport belts: MDB

  • Deposits soft fillings on to a cooling belt
  • Optional 2D movement
  • Optional rotating nozzles
  • Special versions for truffle depositing available
  • Can be installed in-line with Chocolate Shaper and enrobing line for automatic production of enrobed pralines
  • Easy to clean piston depositor

Our advice

Ideal for chocolate depositing soft fillings on cooling belt.



Capacity 10 - 18 nozzles
Size 320 mm - 820 mm working width
Floor space 2 m²
Command panel Touch screen PLC
On wheels No
Electrical connection 3-phase + N + E
Compressed air Yes
Suitable for:

Depositing on belt - Clusters - Deposited pralines - Enrobed pralines - Deposited truffles

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