MODIMM COMPACT chocolate moulding line

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Chocolate moulding line with chainless transport system for solid chocolates: MODIMM COMPACT

Close loop chocolate moulding line with servo driven mould transports.

  • Vertical set-up resulting in small foot-print.
  • Typically used for bigger mould sizes
  • Various options for granulate, nut or wafer depositing are available
  • Mixers and depositors for chocolate with large inclusions are available
  • Optional book moulding or truffle ball mould handling
  • Hacos tempering and piping are available

Our advice

Compact high-output chocolate moulding line, mostly used for chocolate tablets or one shot chocolate products.


Capacity 500-2000 kg/h, 10-30 moulds per minute
Mould size 275 mm up to 840 mm
Floor space 25-100 m²
Command panel Touch screen PLC
On wheels No
Electrical connection 3-phase + N + E
Compressed air Yes
Suitable for:

Solid moulding lines - One shot depositing - Moulded tablets - Truffle balls

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