SAMM Fill chocolate depositor for moulds

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Pump-driven chocolate depositor for mould filling: SAMM Fill

This patented depositing system is used on all Hacos moulding lines for chocolate depositing or filling with praliné.
Perfect for filling chocolate hollow figures.
Often used for spot decoration or marbling into moulds.
Is mobile and can be used for different applications.
Fills the entire mould in one time.
Also check out its other options, because the SAMM Fill depositor has many useful applications!

Our advice

A must-have when it comes to plain chocolate depositing and similar fillings.


Capacity 0,1 g decorations up to more than 5 kg blocs
Mould size 275x135 mm to 600x205 mm
Floor space 1 m²
Command panel Touch screen PLC
On wheels Yes
Electrical connection Monophase
Compressed air Yes
Suitable for:

Hollow figure moulding - Mould filling and solid moulding - Moulded tablets - Hollow figures

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