NEW: automatic shell moulding line

June 17, 2020

We are glad to present this new modular shell moulding line

With this automatic moulding line for medium sized chocolate producers, you’ll be able to produce a wide range of moulded items. The 3-stage moulding system enables you to create different shapes of shells and fill them with a number of different fillings.
4 to 8 moulds per minute produced with only one person!
The line is modular and consists of the following base modules

  • HML 480 S for shell mouliding
  • RDM XL mould filler to deposit the fillings
  • ARTI-TOWER cooling tower for cooling

Added to this, we now offer a full automation. The line can be equipped with an automatic de-moulding system after which the moulds proceed automatically to the beginning of the line.
All this enables you to produce 100-200 kg/h!


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