New mobile enrobing belt for industrial enrobers

December 16, 2022

It existed already for artisan machines, but now it is available on large industrial machines: a mobile enrobing belt.

This feature allows one operator to remove the entire wire belt system from an enrober and move it to a cleaning area.  A job that used to take two to four people can now be done by one person.

After the enrobing belt has been removed, you can easily clean the chocolate tank of the enrober and fit another enrobing belt or a simple transfer belt.

In combination with dedicated chocolate pumps, a changeover from one tyoe of chocolate to another type can be done extremely fast, and without the need to move heavy components, or even machines around in your factory.

In most cases, a mobile enrobing belt can be retrofitted to existing ROBY enrobing and bottoming machines.

ROBY BOTTOM Mobile grill 1

Mobile enrobing belt

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